Reviews and Transexual Escorts Melbourne

By TS Carmen Melbourne 

A word on reviews: Whilst reviews can be helpful when looking for your next transexual escort in Melbourne it also pays to be aware that many of the reviews are not always genuine- this can be said of both good and bad reviews. Just because it is on the internet doesn't mean it is true.

Many escorts love to indulge themselves by writing their own reviews which to me is kinda weird but I guess if it's what they need to do then perhaps business is not so great even worse than this are the ones that get off on writing bad reviews for other escorts possibly in the hope that they are levelling the playing field which for them unfortunately it does not. I am sure from my discussions with many guys the genuine feedbacks are obvious and the propagandarous and slanderous ones written by many shemale escorts for themselves and others stand out.

Writing bad reviews creates bad karma for the author as they obviously carry serious negative energy which is amplified after consciously attacking a competitor. This energy they will hold onto, only to their own detriment and this will affect them and their business but most are stupid and have yet to work this out. I always say if you have time to write your own good reviews or your competitors bad reviews then you're clearly not busy enough and perhaps a career change should be explored. is the ultimate one stop shop for dishonest and false reviews. Whilst it is a great resource for shemale escorts not only in Melbourne but worldwide, it is not a place to go to read reviews. Anyone can leave as many reviews here both good and bad and there is no requirement for identification or validation. The IP addresses are not checked and possibly the operators of the site encourage false reviews as they make money when escorts want to remove them as it costs around $60 to remove one review which can then be anonymously reposted by spiteful competitors.

I am sure some reviews on Vicesisters are genuine and they are always obvious however many are not and I always ask clients not to leave good reviews on this site for me as it only serves to motivate scumbag competitors to leave bad feedback in order to make themselves feel better because they too know the genuine feedbacks and obviously cannot stand to see others with real feedbacks which they likely would never receive- luckily the bad ones always do themselves in and continually reap what they sew. 

"There are two classes of escorts: First Class and No Class..." 

"If you have to tell people how much class you have, then you haven't got any!..." 

Keeping an open mind is always essential when selecting your next transexual escort whether in Melbourne or around the world. The (although not really relevant to Australia at this stage) offers more authentic reviews as does & where IP addresses are checked and registration is required. I always ask guys to leave reviews on my website.

Normally sending a text thanking me for a good time is more personal and worth more than an anonymous review- let's face it if you have had a great time with someone the last thing you will want to do is sit down and write a review for them.

Mostly clients would only be motivated to write a review when they are seething and therefore are motivated to tell others to avoid a certain escort and these reviews always stand out as the tone is very easily identified as genuine and the use of language is masculine and "pissed off" as opposed to spiteful and calculated (well as much as they can be) when written by another escort.

Clients reviewing transexual escorts in Melbourne or anywhere for that matter DO NOT use laborious adjectives and paint romantic pictures about the mood and the depth of the colour of her eyes etc etc either a good review is very short and thankful such as "she was hot and a great ****" or if it is negative it is pissed off and written in a masculine tone but still short and sweet such as "she was a total bitch, rushed, lied about her cock size, couldn't get hard, stole money from my wallet, overdosed on the job (just kidding, well maybe) nothing like her photoshopped photos, looked more like a pig dog than the self proclaimed 'supermodel' etc."

Keeping an open mind is essential to selecting Shemale Escorts in Melbourne. Reviews can be of great assistance if they are genuine but many are not and credible sources are hard to come by but anyone with half a brain can see through transparent shameless self promotion or bitter attacks made by competitors of more popular transexual escorts in Melbourne

By TS Carmen Melbourne