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Transegender Escorts in Melbourne: 10 things you want & 10 things you don't

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When it comes to Transgender Escorts in Melbourne

Common sense is not so common however common escorts are. It takes more than a sensationalised ad to be good company and more than looks to be good in bed. A brain: Sexual perception, humility, affection and common decency is something most lack. You can offer up all the slut in the world but it won't make up for selfish stupidity and a lack of class.


a hot shemale that looks like a pornstar, 

busty big round tits too perfect to be real but real perfect to feel 

big aesthetically pleasing perfect cut she-c*ck

hyper feminine, eroticised looks, the visual cues of a female but with the kink of sexxxy she-c*ck, 

communication skills & a sense of humour, 

won't rip you off, enjoys what they do, 

unique personality that can make you comfortable, easy to talk to, can make you laugh, 

dosn't have their head up their a***,

enough intelligence and depth to talk to about anything- in particular your attraction to "special kinda girls".

humility and level headedness that ensures you are treated with common courtesy and your privacy and expectations are respected


A crossdresser, Look closely at many…

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Only Real Men Like Transexuals!


By TS Carmen Melbourne

This was an internet forum response to a girl asking whether or not her boyfriend was gay because he liked to watch shemale porn: 

It may interest you to know that "shemale" porn is the most commonly sought after and most popular type of porn ever! It makes the most money and is the most searched type of pornography ever. Well who watches this type of porn? Do you think a gay man wants to watch a woman with a penis? No, gay men like men, who look like men and behave as such, they do not watch "shemale" porn.

It's actually heterosexual males who fetishise pre op transsexual women or "shemale" porn. They fetishise this particular type of porn because of the familiarity of a penis being attached to a woman. They are turned on by women, femininity and a female gender and the notion of a woman possessing a penis. It's a sexual fetish and it's very, very common among heterosexual males.

Why isn't it a homosexual attraction because she has a penis? It isn't a homosexual desire because they are attracted to a woman, femininity, feminine curves etc, they enjoy the mismatch between a feminine looking woman whom has a penis.

Homosexual men desire a man, a male gender, a masculine appearing body etc, not a transsexual woman who is pre op.

A persons genitalia is actually genderless, only a mire body part and has nothing to do with sexual orientation. When you first become attracted to a man, you aren't looking at his penis, but rather, you are seeing his gender, his masculinity, his male behavior, masculine appearance and male identity etc. This is what determines sexual attraction, not a simple body part.

So is a male

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Should I visit a Brothel for ts massage or a Private Transexual Escort in Melbourne?

blog post about seeing trany melb private ts escort vs brothel

trany melb blog post

Reasons why you should see a Private Transexual, (TS or Shemale) Escort in Melbourne: There are two Transexual Brothels in Melbourne one is located in South Melbourne and the other in Huntingdale.  Private Escorts are certainly advantaged when it comes to providing a more intimate and personal experience. If you are after a "blow and go" then brothels may provide a cheap & nasty short booking but then if that's what you are after- any decent private escort shouldn't be interested anyway. Generally more discreet (depending of course on the eschilon and class of the particular escort- dodgey serviced apartments/ motels/ hotels and notorious street worker areas are generally undesireable for most guys and understandably so although I guess everyone attracts their own type/ level of client and some are cool with this.

ONE ON ONE: You will not have to deal with more than one person such as a manager/ receptionist other clients or escorts. Although there are some escorts who share with 1 or more other escorts in serviced apartments. Again this is not really desireable and not a situation I would put my clients in but it happens so always pays to check.

TIME: Brothels time each booking systematically and clinically I guess you could say. An hour booking at a brothel starts once you have showered and the escort returns to the room an egg timer is set for 55 minutes and then the manager will buzz the room to notify the escort and yourself that you have 5 minutes in which to finish off your business and get out or to extend you will have to pay for the extra…

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Reviews and Transexual Escorts Melbourne

By TS Carmen Melbourne 

A word on reviews: Whilst reviews can be helpful when looking for your next transexual escort in Melbourne it also pays to be aware that many of the reviews are not always genuine- this can be said of both good and bad reviews. Just because it is on the internet doesn't mean it is true.

Many escorts love to indulge themselves by writing their own reviews which to me is kinda weird but I guess if it's what they need to do then perhaps business is not so great even worse than this are the ones that get off on writing bad reviews for other escorts possibly in the hope that they are levelling the playing field which for them unfortunately it does not. I am sure from my discussions with many guys the genuine feedbacks are obvious and the propagandarous and slanderous ones written by many shemale escorts for themselves and others stand out.

Writing bad reviews creates bad karma for the author as they obviously carry serious negative energy which is amplified after consciously attacking a competitor. This energy they will hold onto, only to their own detriment and this will affect them and their business but most are stupid and have yet to work this out. I always say if you have time to write your own good reviews or your competitors bad reviews then you're clearly not busy enough and perhaps a career change should be explored.

Vicesisters.com is the ultimate one stop shop for dishonest and false reviews. Whilst it is a great resource for shemale escorts not only in Melbourne but worldwide, it is not a place to go to read reviews. Anyone can leave as many reviews here both good and bad and there is no requirement for identification

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