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Reviews and Transexual Escorts Melbourne

By TS Carmen Melbourne 

A word on reviews: Whilst reviews can be helpful when looking for your next transexual escort in Melbourne it also pays to be aware that many of the reviews are not always genuine- this can be said of both good and bad reviews. Just because it is on the internet doesn't mean it is true.

Many escorts love to indulge themselves by writing their own reviews which to me is kinda weird but I guess if it's what they need to do then perhaps business is not so great even worse than this are the ones that get off on writing bad reviews for other escorts possibly in the hope that they are levelling the playing field which for them unfortunately it does not. I am sure from my discussions with many guys the genuine feedbacks are obvious and the propagandarous and slanderous ones written by many shemale escorts for themselves and others stand out.

Writing bad reviews creates bad karma for the author as they obviously carry serious negative energy which is amplified after consciously attacking a competitor. This energy they will hold onto, only to their own detriment and this will affect them and their business but most are stupid and have yet to work this out. I always say if you have time to write your own good reviews or your competitors bad reviews then you're clearly not busy enough and perhaps a career change should be explored.

Vicesisters.com is the ultimate one stop shop for dishonest and false reviews. Whilst it is a great resource for shemale escorts not only in Melbourne but worldwide, it is not a place to go to read reviews. Anyone can leave as many reviews here both good and bad and there is no requirement for identification

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If you can't trust a transexual escort, who can you trust?

By TS Carmen Melbourne

I have always loathed writing ads as an escort because the escort ad market is flooded with such stupid cliches and meaningless sensationalized ad copy that you can't help but feel like a wanker even if you ARE (funnily enough) telling the truth. I have no issue knowing that guys are not disappointed when they meet me or going to be let down by the size of my "she-knob" or its functionality.

It seems that most escorts are getting younger, bigger she-knobs, becoming fully functional and definitely OVER-active all of a sudden and bust sizes keep increasing amazingly even when there is no surgery involved. (Damn! I knew that cream from Demtel was fool proof) 

With so many "supermodel escorts" who are "very model like" and "HIGH CLASS" there seems to be a profliferation of super "human" transexuals offering "diamond level" services- must be like a rating one for life thing with RACV perhaps? It would make for a lovely story for the many thousands, if not millions of guys who worship shemales in Australia and worldwide. Sadly im sure most guys are awake up to the fact that trannies who are the "real deal" with a fully functioning tool and fully functioning brain are actually very few and far between despite what the embellished ad wording and photoshopped photos might suggest.

I admire creativity but I really struggle to think and it is a concern to think that catchphrases and dodgey scammers actually get people falling into them. Recently I noticed a particular shemale escort who is (allegedly) notoriously dodgey reassuring potential clients of how honest and down to earth she is! What next? When Debbie Desperate dishonest transexual escorts are using their "honesty" as a point of sale? Very funny but i'm not sure

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