TS Carmen Shemale Escort Melbourne 

Basically 90% of guys I see are looking to "receive" "get dicked" "get f****d" This is a very normal request and I am more than willing to oblige ;p 

And let's face it if you're going to get dicked you don't want an ugly half assed dick

I am happy to be dominant (you are not weird for asking) in fact if you asked me if I could be passive because you really wanted to do me then I would fall off my chair! Having said that I am quite adaptable and we can always mix things up- there's plenty of things we can do together which I guess is part of the attraction for guys that are into TS

  • COMMON REQUESTS: Generally most just like to go with the flow: often it is best. It isn't rocket science and unless we only have half a brain between us i'm sure we can figure out how to have a good time. 
  • FIRST TIMERS: I see a lot of “first timers” and know how to ensure it is comfortable, memorable & within your comfort zone. 
  • GUYS LOOKING TO 'RECEIVE' FOR THE FIRST TIME: It should never hurt or be an uncomfortable experience. Size of equipment is irrelevant(within reason of course) I TRY TO ENSURE IT IS NOTHING BUT AMAZING If you are not relaxed and turned on then it doesn’t matter how small the“equipment” is- It will not be comfortable.


FAQ: These are some common questions that I get so to save time I have answered them here. That way we both know where we stand and can arrange to meet easily and enjoy a hassle free hot time together xxx 

SOME NEW FAQ'S: I have been meaning to answer a few more questions that I get asked ALL the time when meeting new clients: Some may seem strange inclusions but they seem to be asked a lot:

Do you have Viagra? Yes. I can always provide it. 

Do you have amyl/ poppers? Yes.

Do you see many young guys? Many. I see all ages from 18 upwards. I did have a 14 year old call me once but declined. I think "Transexual Paedophile" would make a wonderful news headline perhaps one i'd rather not be involved with lol

Do you have a boyfriend? No. Definitely not. Do I want one? No definitely not. I will leave the suffering to other people ;p

What do the majority of clients want you to do with/to them? ;p Generally to be dominant and mostly looking to receive either for the first time or perhaps they tried it with someone else and they couldn't perform or they were just useless generally. The escort I mean.

Will you ever have a full sex change? No. My saying and typical response to this is to say: No, there are already enough C...TS in the world and i'm happy with what I have.

Do you get a lot of business? Yes. I don't see everybody that I could potentially see because I like to pace myself and some guys are looking for something which is not my thing and if I get the impression we won't get along I will always suggest they see someone else.

Do you have another job aside from this? No.

Do you find this line of work hard? No. I enjoy it. I enjoy meeting new guys all the time it keeps life interesting and I actually enjoy hearing different perceptions of their attraction to TS and not just that, I guess it's important to have some sort of connection in order to know what a person is like generally.

Are you close to your parents? Yes, too close. lol

Do you have other trans friends? Yes. Will they join us NO. lol. 

Are you into other trans or biological women? Sexually I am not into other sluts with nuts or biological women really either. That would make me a transbian. lol

Im married or have a girlfriend is that ok with you? Couldn't care less really. It's not an issue for me- im not the one in a relationship. lol. I wouldn't worry about it anyway- everyone knows the last person you have sex with is the person you are in a relationship with haha. I am just like having a w@$k but with live porn. It's just the good parts about sex without the issues. I won't be offended if you don't want to spoon afterwards and there's no need to call me the next day HELL and you dont even have to buy me a drink (or spike it). 


Q. How do I arrange to make a time/booking?  

A. Please see myContact & Booking

Q. What might we get up to together?

A. I am very easy going and adventurous, I don't really have any restrictions. I just like to meet relax, have a chat and go with the flow i'm very nice and easy going. We could do a mixture of all things including Girlfriend Experience (GFE)- I like to kiss and I am a naturally passionate and affectionate person. Maybe you are a fan of TS Seduction and would prefer me to have my way with you? Or you'd like to treat me as your own naughty little t-girl and have your way with me? 

Q.What makes you different from any other escort?

A. I am honest, down to earth, easy going and nice. I am Australian, attractive, leggy, busty and hung good at what I do & not interested in ripping anybody off. Believe it or not I do love my job. I am truly versatile and I really can get hard. I am well educated and from a good background (believe it or not) I have two Honours Degrees one in Literary & Cultural Theory (Gender Studies) and another in Psychology so I am easy to talk to and that way we can get to know each other- which always makes for a better experience. I can be an intelligent companion as well as an adventurous party girl.

Q.Is discretion assured?

A. Discretion is guaranteed I do not discuss my work or details of clients with anyone regardless of their public profile. I will never call or text anyone out of the blue. My privacy is as important as yours. I do not want anyone knowing what I do as much as you do not want anyone knowing what you do.

Q.How big is your she-cock?

A. 8 inches circumcised (cut) thick- it's a very attractive one-promise!

Q. Do you like to party?

A. Of course! Who doesn't? ...

Q. Do you have regular clients?

A. Yes I have many regular clients- so hopefully guys enjoy my company :-) I always look after regular clients and try to give them priority and extra time where possible

Q. Are your prices expensive compared to other ts Escorts in Melb?

A. No, I think I am more reasonably priced than most. I do not mind going over time in bookings of over 1 Hour and my prices for longer bookings are discounted. I offer something everyone can afford because I enjoy the variety of clientele I get and without sounding arrogant I really am worth the extra money as I strive to go above and beyond the call of duty for my clients. If there is something I cannot do I will happily tell you as there is no point deceiving genuine clients who deserve the service they desire and I am not interested in ripping people off or doing anything just for the money. 

Q. What are most of your clients like?

A. Most likely just like you- regular everyday straight guys from all walks of life and all nationalities. From first timers to season shemale enthusiasts. I could not generalise about Age, Background, Occupation or Ethinicity. Just regular straight guys from all walks of life from 18 years upwards. For some reason people seem to think that gay men like transexuals they don't- they like other men not transexual women!

Q. Do you see first timers?

A. Of course. I see many first timers and believe me there is nothing to be nervous about. You are certainly not alone you would be surprised just how many guys like Transexuals from well known sportsmen and TV personalities through to politicians. No names of course ;-)

Q. Can I shower at your place?

A. Yes of course. I always have clean towels- I am a clean freak and a germaphobe.

Q.Do you get hard?

A. Yes always, I make sure I do- I have a huge sex drive and only ever see clients when I am "in the mood".

Q. Do you cum?

A. Yes. I love to! I am human though and cannot always guarantee it in shorter bookings but happy to discuss.

Q. What sort of guys do you like?

A. I like all men and find something attractive about any guy that likes transexuals- the most important thing is that you are respectful and easy going. Attitude is important, appearance is not.

Q. If I just want oral on me or on you (one way) is that cheaper?

A. No. I charge for my time not according to what I do or don't do. My minimum is $200 for half hour Incall. See my RATES PAGE

Q. Can I negotiate your prices?

A. I am always generous with my time and do not time to the minute. I am happy to go over time in bookings of 1 Hour or more. My prices for bookings upwards of 2 hours are already discounted. I try to be as fair as possible and hate rushing people. 

Q. Can you send me more pics?

A. Unfortunately I don't always have time to text or email more pics. I am what I say I am and you will not be disappointed. Just imagine a giant barbie doll with something a little or a lot extra. ;-)

Q, What happens if I get nervous and chicken out?

A. Well there's only one way to find out... come and meet me I would never expect anyone to do anything they weren't comfortable with. 

Q. Does liking transexuals, t-girls, TS, trannies, shemales etc mean I might be gay?

A. No. I consider all my clients straight. Gay men do not like transexuals only straight men. Transexual women are just one more type of woman. Some guys like blondes, some like tall girls, some guys like confident women and some like transexual women. If you were gay you would be looking for a male escort. Straight guys can like biological females and transexual females without it meaning anything.

Q. Do you do bookings with other TS, couples and/or guys and/or girls?

A. Anything's possible.

Q. Can we have a drink together when we first meet?

A. Of course. I like to have a drink and relax so we can get to know each other.

Q. Are your Incalls discreet?

A. Very discreet. Wherever I am staying I make sure it is discreet and "up market" with easy parking close to the CBD and I assure discretion at all times. I do have "high profile" clients who I see as they know I am not going to kiss and tell.

Q. Do you get tested for STD's/STI's?

A. YES. I get tested regularly and have never had an STD in my life. Interestingly Adult Service providers in Victoria actually have a lower incidence of sexually transmitted diseases than the rest of the general population. Negative stereotyping I guess would make most of us think otherwise.

Q. Will you come to my house?

A. Generally I prefer to do Outcalls to hotels in the CBD only however I will consider house calls depending on location and my schedule etc. Please note that I am walking distance from all major hotels in Melbourne CBD.

Q. Do you travel to all states and major cities?

A. Yes, when I can. Although time constraints make it hard to plan interstate trips. If you're serious about me coming interstate it is often better to pay for me to travel interstate exclusively to spend a night. I can plan to stay on after and therefore reduce costs for both parties.

Q, Can I take photos or video of our time together?

A. Yes, for an agreed price lol



TS Carmen Transexual Escort Melbourne 

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